We are like-minded people,

We love our lives a lot,

We try to get everyone

To be grateful for what they've got.


We are blessed with health and strength,

Freedom of speech too

And we try to help our community

By doing what we can do.


We host the Windrush Ball each year

To appreciate our roots,

Acknowledging their contribution,

Educating the youth.


Our elders pave the way for us

So we do what we can do

I am hoping that by supporting us

You will do the same thing too.





TEAM INSPIRATION KYV delivers daily via What’s App, SMS messages, Instagram, Facebook and emails their daily ‘Thought for today’, to try and encourage the recipients to start their day in a positive frame of mind. Circulation has grown to circa  5000+.


In line with our aim “Each one - reach one”, our recipients pass on to their loved ones as far as Jamaica, Ghana, Australia, Canada, USA, South America, and India.


As well as delivering uplifting, motivational messages TEAM INSPIRATION KYV saw the need for honouring those Silent Heroes within the community for the contribution they have selflessly made to the Caribbean community. By doing so it would not only provide recognition for the recipient but also help the youth to identify with their culture and provide the role models so lacking in our society today.


With the community at the forefront of our thinking, over the past 7 years, TEAM INSPIRATION KYV have successfully provided voluntary services to the community through visiting the elderly; Organising Appreciation Dinners for Elders; presented food packages to those less fortunate through gifts from fundraising activities.


Our creme de la creme event is the WINDRUSH SILENT HEROES FUNDRAISING GALA DINNER which we host every October to raise funds for our three chosen charities: Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust, Calabash African Caribbean Elders Organisation & Adopt-a-Clinic. 


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