We are like-minded people,

We love our lives a lot,

We try to get everyone

To be grateful for what they've got.


We are blessed with health and strength,

Freedom of speech too

And we try to help our community

By doing what we can do.


We host the Windrush Ball each year

To appreciate our roots,

Acknowledging their contribution,

Educating the youth.


Our elders paved the way for us

So we do what we can do

I am hoping that by supporting us

You will do the same thing too.




Our aim is to organise regular community events geared towards the elderly, youths and disenfranchised in order to foster a more cohesive community spirit and a sense of purpose for all concerned, as well as bridging the gap between the various groups.

By organising regular fundraising events our three chosen charities will benefit from the proceeds as we distribute the funds in order to assist them in the continuance of their current programmes.

Our elderly - we need to reduce isolation by providing home visits, cultural events which they can attend and more community programmes which they can take part in.

Our vulnerable women - fostering relationships with other like-minded organisations to bring awareness of the homeless young ladies and provide mentoring for their social, spiritual, mental and physical well being.

Our Youths - Providing support to the youths , young people and their parents who are challenged.  Helping them to make informed choices and taking personal responsibility.

Only a community can make these changes and I hope that by you being here today means you have joined the community too!!


"It takes a village to raise a child!"




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